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Since 2012, more than 10,000 papers on Deep Learning have been published each year[1]. This flow of publications is constantly disrupting the fields of robotics, computer vision, anomaly detection and control systems, giving a competitive edge to those who harness them. We provide those models so you can integrate them in your applications.
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[1] DEEP LEARNING: A REVIEW - Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed Jun 2019]


Fully Automatic

Absolutely no manual pre or post processing. Just upload the data and get results. We offer an easy-to-use API


The best algorithms, the latest research, top universities. Continually updated.


Our computers provide blazing fast results. If you want to make it run on your hardware, please contact us.


Do you need to detect other objects? We've got you covered! We can train the same algorithms for the classes you are interested in. Contact us so we can discuss your needs.

Your data

Is your LIDAR data special? Do you have additional channels? A photogrammetry based pointcloud? In any case, we can train these classifiers with your own data, instead of the public Sematic3D dataset. Contact us.

Your models

You can integrate your own classifiers within our system, and make it run either on the cloud or on your hardware. Contact us.

Privacy by design

Alisio Computing is a fully European company based in Germany. All our servers are hosted in Germany and your data will never leave the EU. Our procedures are fully GDPR compliant.





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  • Limited availability

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  • Registration with your company email
  • Unlimited number of jobs
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  • Larger file size
  • Priority queue
  • Large choice of models
  • Email support

After registering for FREE you'll get access to new state-of-the-art models and more generous quotas.

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  • Unlimited use of the infrastructure
  • No queues
  • Deployment in your own hardware (optional)
  • Personalized solutions
  • First-class support

The ultimate plan for enterprises. Contact us and tell us about your project. The full stack of Alisio Computing is at your service.

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